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GPS Vehicle Tracker

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Keeps your loved one safer; quickly learn your vehicle's location and location history with mobile phone app
Saves the family caregiver time and money: battery lasts for up to two years with no charging
Reduces caregiver stress: easy and flexible to use, easy to conceal inside vehicle, no mobile phone inside vehicle needed

Wearable Proximity Monitor

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Keeps the care recipient safer; brings peace of mind to family caregiver
Frees the family caregiver to tend to household tasks, while caring for loved one
Allows loved one to do daily activities; no impact or restrictions
I haven’t seen anything else like this. The Alerta Patch and Wedge makes a lot of sense for caregivers who are at home with their loved ones living with dementia. It’s impossible to keep an eye on someone 24/7. So, it’s crucial that a care partner knows if their loved one leaves the house or goes to an unsafe area, like the top of the basement stairs.
- Rachael Wonderlin Founder, Dementia By Day

Alerta products help to keep people suffering from dementia comfortable and safe, while bringing the family caregiver peace of mind.

Caring for your Loved One Caring for the Caregiver

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