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Warning System

7-Day Disposable


Find out
When your loved one


Patch & Wedge




per day

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* We charge $127.20 only once with a subscription.

GPS Tracker

2 years service included

2 Years Battery Life

Get the Location of
Your Loved Ones






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* We charge $199.00 only once with 2 years service.

What is Alerta?

Alerta is a family of products that improve the lives of parents and caregivers. It is made up of two products: Alerta Find & the Alerta Wedge and Patch.

Alerta Find is a GPS vehicle tracker that doesn’t need charging for up to two years and has no monthly fees.

Alerta Patch is a disposable, waterproof patch that lasts one week and is placed on your loved one’s back to let you know when your loved one wanders."


The Alerta Patch is waterproof and lasts for 7 days of normal activity

Radio Technology

The Alerta Patch uses R.F technology to monitor your loved one

Disposable & Small

Alerta uses a medical grade adhesive and is small and unobtrusive

Audible Alarm

The Wedge has an audible alarm that notifies you if your loved one wanders day or night

Lasts For Months

The Wedge (receiver) lasts for months of normal use before the battery needs to be replaced

Fits Anywhere

The Wedge easily fits in a shirt pocket or purse and can rest on a table or nightstand

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