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Get Started Kit
Get Started Kit
Get Started Kit
Get Started Kit
Get Started Kit
Get Started Kit
Get Started Kit
Get Started Kit
Get Started Kit
Get Started Kit

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Get Started Kit


The Get Started Kit contains (3) Alerta Patches and (1) Wedge receiver. The patch is worn on the upper back of the individual being monitored and is waterproof. The Wedge has an audible alarm that notifies you instantly if your loved one wanders away from the safe zone. 


The Wedge has a noticeable alarm comparable to a smoke detector, paired with a visual alarm for the hearing impaired.

No Wearables

The Patch does not rely on the loved one to remember to wear it, and it cannot be easily removed by the wearer.


The Patch can be worn in the shower, no lifestyle adjustments necessary.

Alerta is Easy to Use

Alerta Products are designed with the consumer in mind.

Our easy to use Wedge tells you everything you need to know about they system-- ensuring your loved ones are never without coverage.

Don’t lose your Loved Ones

Wandering with dementia can be dangerous-- that’s why we invented Alerta Wedge & Patch.

Alerta Wedge & Patch use the latest technology to provide you with the most effective way to help prevent a loved one from wandering.

How it works

Help keep your family safe

Caregivers and parents live stressful lives daily. We know this because that’s who we are.

We make products to help give you peace of mind and make your life easier.

Watch the story

“People tell me, ‘my spouse has never wandered so we really don’t have to worry much about that.’

But we do have to worry about that.

They might not be wandering now, but what about half an hour from now? An hour? Tomorrow? We never know.”

Mary Leeds, Chesapeake, VA

Will Alerta create skin irritation?
Alerta Patch uses an FDA-approved adhesive commonly used on the skin of all ages. It can stay on safely for 10 days. The next Alerta Patch should be applied in a different location adjacent to the one removed.
Can the Alerta Patch get wet?
The loved one wearing the Alerta Patch can shower or exercise like normal. The soft covering on Alerta is a waterproof foam.
What happens if the Alerta Patch falls off?
We include 2 additional adhesive films in the Get Started Kit. Peel the Adhesive from one side and apply to the Alerta Patch and peel the other side and apply it to your loved ones back.
What do I do when my battery is almost dead?
Simply call our help line (833-443-5799) or use our online chat feature to have our customer representatives order you a new battery. Battery replacement is a one-time charge of $99*, which includes shipping. *Prices are subject to change. Users will be notified of any changes.
Why not GPS?
GPS uses too much power to put in a disposable patch. GPS devices need to be charged within hours if not daily.
Can the “Safe Zone” be adjusted?
No, the range is a typical area of 65’ to 80’ from the Wedge. Different homes or environments will change the Safe Zone. Test the Safety Zone when you receive the Get Started Kit to make sure Alerta works for you and your loved one.
What if the Alerta System doesn’t work for me and my loved one?
Track Patch 1 Corporation is consumer-friendly. If Alerta System does not work for you, we will give you a full refund for any unused patches or for the Get Started Kit if it simply will not work for you.
What do I do if my Wedge batteries get low?
The Wedge uses long-life batteries. You can replace with off the shelf batteries from your local retailer, but we suggest you order replacement batteries from Track patch 1 Corporation.

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