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Alerta Find is a GPS that monitors the car it is placed in.

It helps you determine if your trainers are traveling the most efficient routes, save money on mileage & employee pay, and confirm the duration of visits.

Lower Costs

Helps you ensure that your employees are taking the most direct routes to their locations.

Increase Security

By having documentation of your employees’ location, you can protect yourself from liability and allegations.

Improve Care

You can ensure that your employees are where they are supposed to be, providing quality care.

Pay once, Get 4 years of Battery Life

Alerta Find has no installation. Simply activate it and place it in the vehicle you need to monitor. Alerta Find’s battery lasts over 4 years without a charge so you never have to worry.

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“I personally see a great potential for this unit to be used to cut cost. Alerta has a genuine interest in creating and putting out the best products and service possible”

- A Home Health Care Franchise Owner Virginia Beach, VA

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