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The mission of Track Patch 1 Corporation is to help enable aging‑in‑place with dignity.

We strive to offer innovative products for the family caregiver and for the care recipient suffering from dementia. Our offering allows the caregiver to tend to the demands of family and a busy household, with the assurance that his/her loved one is safe, nearby, and able to do normal activities.
Our Story
Track Patch 1 Corporation was founded by John Reese, motivated by his experiences of caring for a family member who suffered from dementia and wandered. John envisioned a wearable device worn comfortably on the body, that would alarm when the wandering distance became too great. After years of development, the unique Alerta Patch & Wedge system was realized. Today, the company operates under the name Alerta Family, and its portfolio focuses on products for the family caregiving situation, to enable aging-in-place at home. Our goal is to help the caregiver and care recipient on the caregiving journey—to bring the family caregiver peace-of-mind and to keep his/her loved one safe and comfortable.

John Reese

Chairman & Founder
Management Team Biographies

John Reese

Chairman & Founder
John founded Track Patch 1 Corp in 2014, with the concept of developing a wearable device to monitor dementia-sufferers who wander. John is the founder and principal of Aberdeen Partners, a real estate and construction management firm. Before his entrepreneurial pursuits, John was Vice President of Reid Associates and Managing General Partner of Garden Homes LLC.

Justin Beres

Chief Executive
Justin formally joined Track Patch in August 2020, after having worked as a vendor to Track Patch since mid-2018. Justin is the principal of Allazo Electronics, Inc., an engineering and manufacturing firm based in Dallas, Texas. Prior to this, Justin worked at Air Liquide SA for fifteen years, in various operational and leadership positions, including expatriate assignments.

Jeff Seeley

Operations Manager
Jeff is a founding member of Track Patch 1 Corp and has been an operations manager in the retail sector for over 30 years. Jeff worked at Sam’s Club for two decades, ascending to responsibility for a $150 million revenue store in Virginia, with over 260 employees. Jeff has partnered with John Reese on various business ventures.

Ken Campbell

Chief Engineer
Ken joined Track Patch 1 Corp in September 2015 and has led several product developments, including the Alerta Patch & Wedge. His career spans 40 years, with experiences in engineering, manufacturing, and general management. He was formerly Vice President of Xerox Printing Division, and CEO of two start-up companies. Ken was a consultant in the medical equipment industry for over ten years, working on the introduction of new technologies with multinational firms, such as Panasonic Healthcare of Japan.

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